RUIFF 2021 is OPEN for submissions!

Submit you
short fiction (up to 26 min)
animation (up to 15 min)
screenplay (up to 30 pages)
to the competition with beautiful crafted prizes and cash prize 200$ (in screenplay competition).

The Winners of RUIFF 2020

Introducing the Venue of RUIFF 2020.

The festival will take place in the biggest cultural center of Peterhof – Cascad.
This center is located in a few steps from the World heritage parks of Peterhof.
We will screen films in a cinema hall for 500 places.

Announcing the selection of RUIFF 2020

Fiction films competition

Ashmina — UK/Nepal, 2018, dir. Dekel Berenson, Russian Premier

Watch Out For Australians — Australia, 2019, dir. Steven Arriagada, Russian Premier

Mthunzi — Republic of South Africa, 2019, dir. Tebogo Malebogo, Russian Premier

Salt and bread — Russia/Armenia, 2019, dir. Arch-Aspet Shermazanyan, St.Petersburg Premier

Snezka — Czech Republic, 2019, dir. Эльвира Дульская (Elvira Dul’skaya), World Premier

Alive — Sweden, 2020, dir. Jimmy Olsson, Russian Premier

Animation films competition

Kitty — Russia, 2019, dir. Dmitry Fadeiev, St.Petersburg Premier

Merry grandmas! — Russia, 2020, dir. Наталья Мирзоян, St.Petersburg Premier

Criss Cross — Germany, 2020, dir. Caroline Hamann, Fritz Penzlin, Peterhof Premier

The Duck and the Kangaroo — Russia, 2020, dir. Елизавета Скворцова, St.Petersburg Premier

Bolero Station — Switzerland, 2018, dir. Rolf Brönnimann, St.Petersburg Premier

Screenplay competition

«Kill Me» – D J Keogh, UK

«Wingman» — Maziyar Tehrani, Iran

«Echoes of Kerberos» — Steve Brock, USA

«Into the Light» — Przemysław Stański, Poland

«The Dance» — Владимир Воскресенских, Russia

«The pig in the wall» – Елена Щетинина, Наталья Волочаевская, Russia

We’ve received 758 short fiction, animation films and screenplays to RUIFF 2020!

We will announce the selection of RUIFF 2020 soon.

Russian Indie Film Festival 2020 will take place in December 2020

Due to the COVID pandemic situation, Russian Indie Film Festival 2020 will take place in December 2020.

Free submissions to RUIFF for Italy and 50% discount for other World

On the bases of the situation with COVID virus:

1) RUIFF decided to waive entry fee for all submissions from Italy.
All short fiction, animation and screenplays from Italy can be submitted to RUIFF for FREE with the code RUIFFITALY

Dear Italian friends, all the world is praying for you!

2) RUIFF decided to give 50% discount to filmmakers and screenwriters from over the world.
You can submit your short fiction, animation and screenplays with 50% discount with the code RUIFFSUPPORTYOU

Submissions to Russian Indie Film Festival 2020 are open!

Submit your short fiction, animation and screenplay (200$ cash prize!) to RUIFF 2020 here.

The Winners of RUIFF 2019

Award winners of RUIFF 2019 are announced.

Winners of Screenplay competition RUIFF 2019

1st place – 100$ cash prize, The Award
“Duhonavt” (fiction, Russia, Ксения Датнова)

2d place – Diploma
“Mother of raw land” (fiction, Russia, Елена Щетинина)

3d place – Diploma
“Dreamity” (fiction, Latvia, Oleg Volkov)