Presenting the Selection of Screenplay competition of RUIFF 2021

“Dead River” (Russia, animation, screenplay by Egor Kuvaev)
Desert Corps soldiers go to fetch water. The last source is located among the rocks, from where no one has yet returned.
“My grandmother” (Russia, fiction, scriptwriter Yulia Filimonova)
Wanting to stand up for his deceived grandmother, a young guy accidentally kills a swindler who robbed her. However, the grandmother, smelling the blood, understand that scammers are her chance to come off at last.
“Heaven” (Russia, fiction, screenplay by Ivan Bazhenov)
The ultra-long-range Russian space expedition, according to instructions from above, includes a young priest, Father Daniel. His task is to carry out a procession at the farthest point of flight, where a person’s foot has never gone before.
“Shiza” (Russia, fiction, scriptwriter Sergei Lobachev)
USSR, 80s. Lena is in a psychiatric hospital. Her every day is like the previous one. But one day everything changes dramatically when she meets a new patient – Zhenya.
“Number 49” (USA, fiction, screenplay by Keith J. Stevens)
Defective cash register + psychopathic cop = pizzeria called “This pizza is to die for!”
“Next, please” (Italy, fiction, screenplay by Diego Trovarelli)
A short future. Humanity has found an excellent solution to the problems of unemployment among young people and retirement benefits in the form of an employment contract, which must end at the time of the onset of retirement age…. by the murder.