The Honorary President of RUIFF

Peter Murdmaa (Estonia)

Peter – the member of European Film Academy and Short Film Conference, is a broad-profile filmmaker, short film distributor and programmer.
Born December 1, 1974, Peter’s journey in the world of film started at an early age when he was actively engaged in photography and camera work.
Peter has studied cinematography and in film production in Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School of Tallinn University.
He has participated in making documentaries as a cinematographer as well a director, also produced short films in fiction.
Peter Murdmaa has organized several movie events, being an active participant in the development of the Estonian film as well as short film international landscape.
In 2013, Peter Murdmaa was the organizer and director of Sleepwalkers, the international short film festival, which heightened his commitment in further developing the field of short films.
In 2014 he founded Estonian Short Film Center that has goal to introduce audiovisual short forms into Estonia and to the rest of the world.
Since 2014 he has been jury member, short film panelist, pitching trainer or moderator at more than 30 festivals all around the world.
At 2018 his activities culminated by organizing and curating Estonia 100 anniversary focus programs at Finland, Canada, France, England, Japan, Scotland, Latvia, Colombia, Spain, Serbia, Greece and Iran.

The Main Judge of fiction competition of RUIFF

Carlota Pereda (Spain)

Carlota Pereda started her career working in TV fiction. She has been a script supervisor, screenwriter and director on many Spanish TV shows. Her fist short film, THE BLONDES, was selected in over 141 festivals worldwide and awarded in prestigious Spanish film festivals such as Medina del Campo, Semana del Corto or Certamen Internacional de Cortometrajes Ciudad de Soria. PIGGY, her second short film as a director has over 270 selections and has won more than 77 awards to date, including the Spanish Production Guild Award, and the Spanish Academy Award-. She has also won the AGBO Fellowship award, presented by Joe and Anthony Russo, in Slamdance 2020. She has been selected at the Focus CoPro at Cannes Film Festival and won the Pop Up Residency. there will be MONSTERS is her third short film.

The Judge of fiction competition of RUIFF

Axinya Gog (Russia)

Axinya was born in Moscow in 1990, in the family of an art critic. From early childhood she was engaged in fine arts, in particular painting. She studied at GITIS as a theater artist in the studio of D.A. Krymov, E.B. Kamenkovich. She worked in theater and cinema, as an artist and as an actress. Then she studied at VGIK at the directing department in the workshop of V.V. Menshov. She has worked in television and cinema. Scriptwriter and director of more than 10 short films, many commercials, clips, TV series.
The most significant works: the diploma film “Fyodor’s Journey through Moscow at the beginning of the XXI century” (2015), the film “Selfie” in the almanac “Petersburg. Only for Love ”(2016), the movie“ Exchange ”(2019), a promo video for the exhibition“ I.E. Repin ”at the State Tretyakov Gallery (2019), as well as a one-frame five-hour film “The Hermitage. Shot on iPhone ” (2020). Participant and laureate of more than 50 film festivals.

The Judge of fiction competition of RUIFF

Евгений Санников (Russia)

Evgeny – actor in MDT – the Theatre of Europe, also working in cinema. Evgeny – “Breakthrough” Award winner – one of the most prestigious Russian theatre Award.

The Main Judge of animation competition of RUIFF

Benoit Berthe Siward (France)

Benoit is the founder of a strategy agency promoting animation in the world after working few years in animation studios and directing animated short films. He runs “The animation Showcase” a curated screening of the best animated shorts presented to the creative industry and to the major animation studios (Disney, Pixar, Netflix, Dreamworks, Illumination, Laika, Blue Sky…).
Actively engaged in the animation industry, he advises companies, schools, institutions and participated to create the first European Animation Awards Academy. He specialized in accompanying new talents, first short film directors & graduated students during the Award season, that led him to create multiple short films campaigns and to gain 4 Oscar nominations, BAFTA, Student Academy Award, VES & Annie Award wins.

The Judge of animation competition of RUIFF

Oleg Kuvaev (Russia/Israel)

For the last 15 years Oleg made more than 200 animated videos, hundreds of commercial jobs including work for PEPSI, Discovery channel, Greenpeace, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and much more.
But the most famous creation of Oleg Kuvaev is “Masyanya” – the first iconic animation serial in Russia. It has now 14 seasons and more than 120 episods.

The Judge of animation competition of RUIFF

Maria Konopatova (Russia)

Maria born in 1989, Volgograd.
Professional education of the artist painter (Institute named after
Serebryakova, Volgograd, graduation 2009), higher education of the
director of animation and computer graphics (SpbGikit St. Petersburg,
graduation 2015). The author of comics, a regular member of Comic Con
Russia and theme events.

Student films: Zhelezobeton (2011), Bike (2012), Protect the order
(2013), Reflection of Reality (2014), In time for Dinner (2014). The
diploma film “Attracting the force”.
The debut animated film “Concert of the Fire” (2018). Awards: GRAND
OFF (Poland), Chaniartoon (Greece), SPIFF (Russia, St. Petersburg),
Peterhof Film Festival (Russia, Peterhof) NAFF (Neum, Bosnia and
Herzegovina), Santa Marina Film Festival 2019(Bulgaria). The film was
shown at more than 20 film festivals around the world.

The main Judge of the Jury of Screenplay competition

Asya Voloshina (Russia)

Asya graduated from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (St. Petersburg). More than thirty plays by Asya were performed in fifteen cities of Russia, as well as in Poland, France, Estonia, Lietuva and Uruguay. The plays are translated into French, English, Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian; entered the short lists and won prizes in such contests as “Actors”, “Remarque”, “Lyubimovka”, “First Reading”. Four plays are combined in the author’s collection “The Chorus perishes” (publisher of the magazine “Seans”). In 2018, the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater opened the season with a performance by Yuri Butusov based on the play Man from the Fish.

Founder and Program director of RUIFF, member of the Jury of Screenplay competition

Ilia Antonenko (Russia)


Films by Ilia was selected at more than 170 international film festivals and won more than 50 awards, including the Awards for the best screenplay from Russia, Romania, Greece and USA.