The Honorary President of RUIFF

Peter Murdmaa (Estonia)

A broad-profile filmmaker, short film distributor and programmer, Peter has graduated in cinematography and in film production in Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School of Tallinn University.
He has participated in making documentaries as a cinematographer as well a director, also produced short films in fiction.
Peter Murdmaa has organized several movie events, being an active participant in the development of the Estonian film landscape.
In 2013, Peter Murdmaa was the organizer and director of Sleepwalkers, the international short film
festival, which heightened his commitment in further developing the field of short films.
In 2014 he founded ShortEst | Estonian Short Film Center that has goal to introduce audiovisual short forms into Estonia and to the rest of the world.

Currently he is developing short film distribution event Baltic Preview at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. He is also tied to Lithuania via his activities by being one of co-organizers of Baltic Pitching Forum in Vilnius. Hes is artistic director of Go Debut European Film Festival in Klaipeda.

The Main Judge of animation competition of RUIFF

Benoit Berthe Siward (France)

Emerging figure in the animation scene, Benoit Berthe Siward is an animation film maker and curator engaged in the Motion Pictures community.

He helped to create the first European Animation Awards Academy (Annie Awards Equivalent also known as Emile Awards) in 2017 and hold the role of the International Public Relation Manager Emile Awards. He is mainly known for running “The animation Showcase” screenings in Europe and America, to present the Best animated Shorts to the creative industry and the major animation Studios such as Pixar, Blur, Cartoon Network, Nexus, Psyop or Google/Youtube. Since its creation, his curated screenings spots more than 80% of the short nominated for the Academy Awards and are screened 4 months before the official announcement of the Nominations.

Benoit Berthe Siward founded his company promoting animation in the world at the age of 27 years old, and advises companies & projects holders in the animation industry. Involved as strategist in the diffusion of Animated films and shorts, he manages the campaign of several Academy Awards qualified Shorts film such as “Garden Party” (Nominated as Best Animated Short at the 90th Oscars Ceremony) Or “In a Heartbeat” (Gold winner of the Oscars Student Academy Awards).

Graduated in 2013 with a Master of Digital Direction in France his student films got selected and awarded in several Animation Film festival, bought and screened for one year before long feature. He has run 5 crowdfunding campaigns for animated short films, and raised more than 300 000 $ for animated projects. This experience helped him to understand the festival network and the importance of showcasing animation films to a wide audience.

Benoit Berthe Siward still works today as CG supervisor in London Animation Studios when he is not on the road to promote and help animation films.

The Judge of animation competition of RUIFF

Oleg Kuvaev (Russia/Israel)

For the last 15 years Oleg made more than 200 animated videos, hundreds of commercial jobs including work for PEPSI, Discovery channel, Greenpeace, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and much more.
But the most famous creation of Oleg Kuvaev is “Masyanya” – the first iconic animation serial in Russia. It has now 14 seasons and more than 120 episods.

The Judge of fiction competition of RUIFF

Евгений Санников (Russia)

Evgeny – actor in MDT – the Theatre of Europe, also working in cinema.

The Main Judge of fiction competition of RUIFF

Loes Komen (Netherlands)

Shortly after graduating from the Netherlands Filmacademy in Amsterdam in 2016, Loes Komen started as a junior producer at N279 Entertainment. Loes’ graduation films were selected at multiple international filmfestivals and one in particular, When Grey is a Colour, directed by Marit Weerheijm, booked international success. The film won the Student Oscar in 2017, the CILECT prize, was selected at Camerimage and won the two main jury prizes at TIFFKids. Loes was nominated for the annual graduate producers award of the FPN (Film Producers Netherlands) and is a guest lecturer at the Netherlands Filmacademy. She is currently in postproduction on three short films, together with fellow producer Eva Verweij- with whom she founded the production company Room for Film.

The Judge of fiction competition of RUIFF

Alexandr Sokolov (Russia)

Alexandr – famous Russian Youtube-blogger which cinema-channel SokoL[off] TV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWvojFEaSodoKG7Z-ZZo96A
has more than 1 million subscribers.

The Judge of animation competition of RUIFF

Alexandra Averyanova (Russia)

Alexandra Averyanova was born in Saint Petersburg. She graduated from Fine Arts Faculty, Graphics Department of the Herzen University in St. Petersburg, and then began to work as a background designer at the “Melnitsa Studio” and later as a set designer of the feature animation film “The Dwarf – Nose”. In 2003 Alexandra attended an animated course at the computer animation studio “Petersburg” where she then continued as an animator and then as a director of animation series “Kikoriki”.In 2014 she completed her first author’s short animated film “Shades of Gray”. “The Edge” is her second author`s work.
Short animation films by Alexandra Averyanova was selected by more than 200 international film festivals and won more than 40 prizes.

Founder and Programm director of RUIFF

Ilia Antonenko (Russia)


Films by Ilia was selected at more than 150 international film festivals and won more than 50 awards.